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Terri Cangialosi
Finally....House Calls for KIDS!
When your child is sick, wouldn't you both feel better being seen in your home?

Now you can avoid the stress and the wait of an urgent care or E.R.

I'm a local mom and experienced Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, who will come to your home to care for your children.
 Your child deserves to be seen by a seasoned pediatric professional. 

   Call for appointments anytime. Usually seeing patients from 5pm-10pm Monday-Friday or Sat-Sun 10am -10pm 
In-home Services Include

Diagnosis and Treatment Of
Ear pain - Sore throat - Pink eye - Fever - Wheezing/cough - Skin infections - Urine infections - Prescriptions called in to pharmacy of your choice - Rapid strep/mono/flu testing - High School Sports Physicals - Simple laceration repair with dermabond - Nebulizer treatments - Suture removal - Staple removal​ - Asthma teaching - "Teen Talks" - Newborn care

  • Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for 20 years.
  • UCLA graduate- MSN, CSULB graduate- BSN
  • Harbor UCLA Pediatric ER Nurse, Adult ER Nurse.
  • Experienced in private practice, urgent care and community clinic settings.  
  • Associate Clinical Professor for UCLA School of Nursing.
  • $100/visit. Superbill given to parents to turn in to insurance for reimbursement or towards annual deductible. I am an out-of-network provider. 
Mom of three teenagers!
Kids love my care!
Great care in your own home!
Price List

Visit: $100, holidays add $25
Recheck, ear check- $50
Sick Sibling $75
Rapid strep test- $20
Rapid mono test- $40
Rapid flu- $40
Nebulizer breathing treatment $20
Dermabond wound closure $100
Urine dip $20
Antibiotic Starter dose- $20
Antibiotic injection- $40
Ear pain drops- $10
Magic Mouthwash- $10
HS Sports PE-$25-50

Winter is coming! Be prepared
I am always asked what parents can do to prepare for winter with little ones. It seems like as soon as your pediatrician's office closes, your kids come down with something. Here is a checklist for parents:
Tylenol and Motrin suspension (keep in fridge, it tastes better)
Tylenol/Feverall suppositories (fridge, kids under two)
One liter of pedialyte for kids under one with vomiting, gatorade for kids over one (no red please to be mistaken for blood in stool)
Soda (hide a Sprite or caffeine free root beer in the garage), honey, noodle soup
Benadryl- used for teething-dries up saliva, cough and runny nose, sleep, hives, etc
Nose Frieda- suction system if under 5mos
Keep list of friends/family with nebulizer machine!
In The News
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